Sciencedebate 2012: Should this be the top question for the next President?

You can vote for the science questions you’d most like the presidential candidates to answer, and add your own questions, here:

We’re not interested in quizzing candidates on the 4th digit of pi or the particulars of cell mitosis. We want to know their positions on the big science and engineering policy questions that affect all our lives. The questions we will consider most successful will probe the candidates on the important issues of our day around science.

The current top question is If scientific findings contradict the Bible which do you disregard? Personally, I don’t love this question – it implies that a President can’t be religious if he/she is pro-science. And I would rather avoid that impasse and seek common ground on scientific issues like climate change, to the extent that is possible. Whether you disagree or agree, consider taking a position at

Submit a questions for the candidates to

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