Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

For quantifiably chic kitchens

A new trend? Measurement/conversion towels seem to be everywhere. . . Towel by Bailey Doesn’t Bark, at Anthropologie ($32)

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Was the Black Death > Spanish flu?

Pop quiz: which plague took more lives – the Black Death, measles, or Spanish flu? Find out in a surprisingly eye-pleasing way with this infographic from Column Five Media and GOOD (snippet below): I’m a little creeped out that an … Continue reading

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Remarkable Lego street art illusion

Legophemera FTW. If you have not yet seen this street art illusion of a Lego terra cotta army, watch now – before your techie-artsy-hipster cred is permanently diminished! Video: “Lego Army,” by Leon Keer at the Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011. … Continue reading

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