More Good Company


I’m way behind on writing, my laptop power convertor blew, and I now have 3500 (!) unread posts on my feeds. Apologies, everyone! But this weekend I did get a blogger’s treat – a real-world visit with another blogger, the charming (and hospitable) Neurophilosopher. I had an excellent homemade dinner with his family last night, and today we talked each other’s ears off over lunch before visiting the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Mo also helped me locate a power adaptor so I could get back on line from my hotel and resume posting. Blogging from abroad is fraught with unforeseen hazards, but on the whole, I do recommend it. Thanks so much, Mo!

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3 Responses to More Good Company

  1. Mo says:

    I really do need a haircut…

  2. peacay says:

    3,500!!!!!! Wow. That’s outrageous. I feel very overwhelmed if it ever gets above 500 (very very rare). I try to keep the number of sites on rss down to 100 for that very reason.

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