Ow, my eyes


The famous Rotating Snakes illusion

I was in the subway yesterday when the repeating pattern of concrete blocks started messing with my head. I did a little research later, but couldn’t find anything about the illusion I experienced (probably because I can’t describe it well enough to Google it).

So I’ll just pass on this link from Dark Roasted Blend, collecting some of the best visual illusions out there. You’ve probably seen a few of them, like the rotating snakes, but I doubt you’ve seen all of them. (My favorites are the ladybugs and the spinning dancer.)

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3 Responses to Ow, my eyes

  1. Wow… the spinning dancer flip is pretty crazy, too. It took me a while, but then *zing*!

  2. parseval says:

    Have you seen the checkerboard illusion? That is quite unbelievable!

  3. cicada says:

    Parseval, that checkerboard is indeed creepy. I’ve seen variants of it before but that’s the most unbelievable yet.

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