A batch of biology education links

The Science of Addiction
Time Magazine
Graphic by Fielding Cage and Joe Lertola

Time currently features a solid non-specialist article on the biology of addiction, including some nicely executed web graphics showing brain structures (above)

• These little “Brain Briefings” from the Society for Neuroscience are suitable for non-specialists or students. . . or as refreshers for we neurobiologists who’ve forgotten things we ought to have retained. (Bad brain! Naughty, lazy hippocampus!) (Via Madam Fathom)

• MIT OpenCourseWare | Literature | Darwin and Design

As if I didn’t have enough things to read (that means you, O reproachful pile of Sciences and New Yorkers), MIT has posted the content for many of its courses, including this one.

• Nature’s Milestones in Development series

I used these when I taught developmental biology.

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