Absolutely hilarious

From the Guardian: scientists and non-scientists attempt to answer basic science questions. Example:

Q: Roughly how old is the earth?

A: Oh blimey. Well, I know that human beings have been going for about a million and a half years, so … I’m just grasping here. Something like 60 billion years or something like that, but that’s a grasp. I’m not a physical scientist and it shows. I’m probably not scientifically literate.

That answer was from a professor of neuropharmacology. (I’m not good with numbers either, so I’ll shut up now.)


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3 Responses to Absolutely hilarious

  1. Wow…that’s appalling. And Mother Earth would totally be offended. Doesn’t this guy know you should always low-ball the age guess?

    In non-science dum-dum news, I heard a statistic recently that was shocking. I can’t recall the specific percentage, but I believe it was:

    12% of American high school students surveyed could not locate Canada or Mexico on a world atlas.

    That’s bonkers.

  2. cicada says:

    What’s a Mexico?

  3. Roof Repairs says:

    “What happens when you turn on the light?”

    Ummm.. you turn off the darkness and your electric bill increases…

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