A&P quiz: This is a. . .

Jim Stanis

This lovely pink bauble is better known as a:

A) gremlin
B) globulin
C) glomerulus
D) gomphosis
E) gomphus

(answer below the fold. . .)

The answer is C) glomerulus. And this illustration by Jim Stanis is the finest glomerulus I have ever seen – podocytes, pedicels and all!

Bonus point if you know what a glomerulus does – without looking it up on Wikipedia. Quadruple bonus points if you know what all the other answers actually are.

Illustration via Street Anatomy, of course.

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3 Responses to A&P quiz: This is a. . .

  1. Wunx~ says:

    I can tell you from personal experience that gremlins are evil fairy-like creatures that stick bubble gum in the hair of innocent children. I’ve also heard they like to mess with airplanes.

  2. mdvlist says:

    I did SO want it to be a gomphus. Damn.

  3. Snail says:

    It’s a remarkably fine glomerulus. But when I looked at it at first, I got a sense of parasitic wasp larvae in a cluster. (It’s my rotten eyesight, you understand.)

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