Here there be Seadragon

This is the sort of pretty toy I’m used to Apple giving me. Why, why is this from Microsoft? I’m confused, but I want!

Via: all over the place. Source: TED Conference.

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3 Responses to Here there be Seadragon

  1. adam p adam says:


    But notice, in the very beginning, the sentence “we brought to microsoft as part of an acquisition” … off course m$ didn’t invent this, hæhæ…

  2. cicada says:

    Oh, you’re absolutely right! Microsoft “brought” us this wonderful technology by eating the small company that made it. Both Microsoft and Google (and, for that matter, big pharma) seem to do that a lot. :)

  3. adam p adam says:

    Explains a lot doesn’t it ;) …ca. midway he also says “i never thought I’d end up working at microsoft”

    But this stuff is mouthwatering. Very exciting when and how and what it’ll take to put this into popular use… let’s just hope they won’t fuck it up.

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