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Curious Expeditions’ Librophiliac Love Letter

Bibliophiles: bookmark this link! Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries. One of my favorite blogs, Curious Expeditions, has written what may be the definitive blog post for library lovers. I’ve only been to four of the libraries on … Continue reading

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There is such a thing as a tesseract

“Why does anybody tell a story?” Ms. L’Engle once asked, even though she knew the answer. “It does indeed have something to do with faith,” she said, “faith that the universe has meaning, that our little human lives are not … Continue reading

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The divine Museum Gottwaldianum

I saw this at Bibliodyssey. The next day I had to go back and click the link again. A few days later I went shopping at the always-inspiring Anthropologie, and on returning home, had to go back and browse again. … Continue reading

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Human nature, 4×6

Even if you already know all about PostSecret, this promo video is a little work of art worth watching. The postcard that made me cry: I like to remember my Dad as a boy so I won’t remember him suffering … Continue reading

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Biologists Helping Bookstores

Have you ever gone into a Barnes & Noble and realized you had no clue where to find a book, even though you knew the author, the genre, the title, and maybe even the thesis? Do they do this on … Continue reading

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The Bestiary on WPR

On Sunday, Wisconsin Public Radio’s “To The Best of Our Knowledge” aired an interesting episode called The Bestiary, about cryptozoology, strange biology, and mythology. You can stream it on the website. I found the handling of the Archaea a bit … Continue reading

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Our minds and the universe – what else is there?

From one of the most personally resonant essays I’ve read lately, by Mary Ruefle: I had recently one of the most astonishing experiences of my reading life. On page 248 in The Rings of Saturn, W. C. Sebald is recounting … Continue reading

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Haunted library books

Ok, this is just plain bizarre. It’s a row of faux books that, when activated by a motion sensor, move, mutter unintelligibly, and howl with electronic feedback. I laughed at the video. And I love that the book which jumps … Continue reading

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How large a library can you squeeze in there?

one of my favorite xkcds. . .

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Poem of the Week: Sonnet 116

Ah, the British Library. In one room: Shakespeare’s First Folio, Thomas More’s last letter to Henry III, Lewis Carroll’s diary, the Gutenberg Bible, a letter from Darwin to Wallace, a letter from Newton to Hooke, Shakespeare’s mortgage, Magna Carta, a … Continue reading

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