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Mirror games

The ability to recognize oneself in a mirror is frequently cited as evidence of sentience. A dog may be frightened or excited by its reflection, but either way it does not appear aware that the reflection is its own. The … Continue reading

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“organic” f/x

Publicity still from The Fountain, 2006 I wasn’t all that excited to see Darren Aronofsky’s new film The Fountain until I started reading press about the film. An article by Steve Silberman in the November 1 issue of Wired briefly … Continue reading

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Why I love PZ Myers

Pharyngula: Feminism is undermining human evolution! Pharyngula has simply got to be my favorite blog. In this post, PZ Myers refutes an annoying pseudo-expert, William Tucker, who spews a lot of bogus biology on his roundabout way to bashing feminism.

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Why I can’t balance my checkbook

Experts: Some women perform well in math Talk about a non-surprise. The title of this article, as usual, is misleading. The study served not to verify that some women can do math (duh), but to demonstrate the powerful effect gender … Continue reading

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Harriet Gets Glam

As a Dorothy Sayers fan, I’m flat out horrified by this vintage cover art for Strong Poison. (Amazon) Unless I’m mistaken, it appears the seductive blonde in the painted-on dress is meant to be Harriet Vane. (Harriet was a paragon … Continue reading

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Wild ancestor things

I had to post this image from my recent trip to the Cloisters in New York. The Cloisters hosts most of the medieval art belonging to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and this is an illumination from a medieval manuscript. … Continue reading

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Life of Pi

Life of Pi (Amazon) I know it’s been a few years since this book was published (2001), and I have no excuse for not reading it sooner. But damn, it’s well-written. Like The Little Prince, it’s painful but beautiful to … Continue reading

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