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The Making of a LEGO

Businessweek has this little slideshow of a LEGO factory. Neat. Apparently the system is so precise, only 18 in a million LEGO bricks are defective. Which sounds about right; I’ve never found an irregular LEGO, and I’ve handled thousands. Still, … Continue reading

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Words I learned in 2007

A New Year’s tradition: some truly yummy words I learned in the past twelve months. I love adding to my vocabulary, though odds are I’ll never use a single one of these in conversation. 1. aquamanile 2. scacchic 3. imbricated … Continue reading

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“Deeply superficial?” – art/book links for July

The Babylonian Marriage Market Edwin Longsden Long Damien Hirst is, as usual, hot hot hot. Even hotter than July in the era of global warming. But in Prospect Magazine‘s article Doubting Damien, Ben Lewis compares Damien Hirst with the Victorian … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: artful cuts

“Flayed Angel” Jacques Gautier d’Agoty If you’ve not yet done so, pop on over to new blog Morbid Anatomy for a tour of some beautiful vintage medical illustrations. My favorite recent post was this collection of links to the work … Continue reading

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Curiouser and curiouser: Purcell, Svankmajer, Crowley

Alice (film, 1988)Jan SvankmajerIn the Boston Review, celebrated fantasy author John Crowley (Little, Big) reviews the photography/art of Rosamond Purcell (I blogged about Purcell’s photography for National Geographic and her 2006 book, Bookworm, last fall). Crowley says: Rosamond Purcell’s photographs—all still … Continue reading

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Getting the point without seeing the big picture

detail of “The Gift” Ceramic tile Richard Notkin, 1999 Last Friday I visited the Portland Art Museum. It was eerily quiet, so I was able to linger over individual pieces without feeling pressured to move along. Lingering is good; on … Continue reading

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59 People and 1 Cat Fabric and Photo Transfer Camille Whiteman Wooden case containing sixty small phrenological heads plaster and wood William Bally, 1831

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